Extended Care Program
It is not our philosophy to hide our clients from the realities of living in a society where drugs and alcohol are available. Rather, we teach them how to enjoy living a life of sobriety, how to enhance their self-esteem, and increase their self-confidence in order to successfully achieve lifelong recovery.  We believe that continued abstinence supported by self-help groups, participation in treatment, and ongoing personal growth are all integral in rebuilding a life of long term recovery.
Guildhaus is a 12 step based treatment program.  Clients are expected to engage in the local 12 step community, attending a minimum of 5 meetings per week, in addition to the counseling sessions. Clients participate in 4 counseling groups per week and a minimum of 1 individual session with his primary counselor. His primary counselor will work with him to develop a treatment plan that addresses his individual needs. All treatment is provided by certified addictions counselors.
The length of stay in our program is determined by an individual’s needs, however clients are asked to make a 90 day commitment to our program to give them time to focus and develop new lifestyle patterns.  Clients who complete the halfway house program may be eligible for our recovery home.  The recovery home offers ongoing support as they move to a more independent living environment.  At the recovery home group is held weekly to explore recovery needs, relationship issues, life management skills, and other situations that may arise in early recovery.
A sense of belonging…meaningful relationships…being part of something bigger…being responsible to others, as well as yourself…learning how to be part of the family.
While staying with us clients are expected to be a part of the Guildhaus Family: working during the day and coming home to eat the evening meal together; demonstrating respect for self and respect for others by following house rules; taking pride in their environment by completing assigned household chores; and participating in sober fellowship both in Guildhaus and the local recovery community.  All of this helps to form the connections and support that everyone needs when taking on the work of life change. 
 Financial Obligation
All fees for services are based on a sliding scale. No one is turned away at admission based on financial situation.
Typically insurance does not cover halfway house services; however we are willing to contact your insurance regarding possible coverage. 

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